Traffic, crime, Yuppies, you name it: if it's within the city limits, Jim Hull has an opinion on it. (Don't you?)



Jim's essay, "Is Culture Obsolete?" takes a dim view of urban living! It's in his new book, ARE HUMANS OBSOLETE?


TIGER WOODS VS. THE MEDIA  Is the King of Gold getting a fair shake from the Press? Jim thinks not.

A WALK TO THE STORE Jim turns a simple visit to the store into a big, complicated project filled with problems, challenges, and pitfalls. (Jim has too much time on his hands.)

JURY DUTY There's nothing like a run-in with a bureaucrat to bring Jim down a peg... 

MILLENNIUM TAGGERS What has happened to our children, painting all that graffiti everywhere? Jim found out that things aren't as different as they seem: kids are still kids.

WHY I COULDN'T SLEEP THAT NIGHT One night poor Jim couldn't get to sleep to save himself. There's a perfectly good explanation, too, but it's not pretty...

VISITS TO PAST TEACHERS You'd hope that, returning to your old school, you'd have charming reunions with your old mentors. Sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way...

2000 VS. 1930 At the millennium, change is happening so quickly you're lucky if you're not in shock, right? Jim begs to differ: he thinks city life is about the same as it was seventy years ago.... Say what?!

THE OPTOMETRIST FROM HECK Jim gets tossed out of his optometrist's office. This brings up lots of interesting observations, like "WHY?!"

THE TROUBLE WITH CITY LIVING Outta da way, Jim's in a hurry. And he'll never bump into you again in this gigantic megalopolis, so why should he be polite? But ... but ... that's exactly what's wrong with the urban scene.

HOW TO GET TO L.A. FROM PASADENA DURING RUSH HOUR At last! The quickest way through that particular traffic jam. Plus amusing sidelights about the world's oldest freeway.

SOME KIND OF IDIOT So he made a few extra turns in a parking lot and got called an idiot. Why should Jim care? HE CARES!!!

AUTO WRESTLING Sometimes life grabs you by the lapels and shakes you. You never know when it might happen. In the city, it could happen... in traffic.

CREDIT-CARD DEADBEAT Why do Visa and MasterCard want Jim to spend so much money with them, yet behind his back they call him a "deadbeat"? Jim's confused...



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