Jim's wise visage assures you that
              everything he says is true.

Philosophy - boring, right? But every day we make ethical choices, or pull the true from the false, or pray to our gods. Hey, that's doing philosophy! (...It is?) Let Jim Hull explain everything for you. (At least, humor him while he blathers...)


Jim waxes philosophical in his new book, ARE HUMANS OBSOLETE? One of the essays, "Will Science and Religion Unite?" runs a steamroller through the fragile truce between scientists and theologists. Let the games begin! 


RIMMER'S REVOLUTION Remember The Harrad Experiment, the book about a college where students, male and female, lived together, sharing romantic partners? The author - Robert Rimmer - is back, and he's looking for a writing partner to pen a sequel. He also said nice things about my Web site, so I wrote him back, and here it is.

SELFISH Are you selfish? Yes. Is everybody? Of course. Is that bad? Let's find out.

KRISHNAMURTI, ONCE UPON A TIME Sometimes wishes come true. But be careful what you wish for! Here's a true-life fairy tale about a dream that came to life in a very unexpected way.

MORALIZING, SCHMORALIZING! Everyone gets so huffy about AIDS, Communism, poverty, injustice. But whenever one of those problems clear up, so does the moralizing. Where'd all those "eternal moral truths" disappear to? Jim knows.



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