Are you with the Left, the Right, or the Center? Good. Jim Hull has an opinion that's sure to annoy you.


Jim discusses politics and the media in "How to Interpret Future News and Ads." Find that essay in his book, ARE HUMANS OBSOLETE?

GOD AND THE FEDS  Many evangelicals want the federal government to espouse Christian sentiments. REALLY bad idea. For the evangelicals.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOP?  Republicans these days are having a hissy fit. Let's all take a time-out and see what's making them so cranky.

TIGER WOODS VS. THE MEDIA  Sure, Tiger has betrayed the trust of his family. But reporters are beating him about the head and shoulders in ways he doesn't deserve.

LIBERTY, EQUALITY, HEALTH CARE  The Europeans are fine with government health care. How come we Americans resist it? Let's find out.

THIS IS A JOB FOR... for whom? Superman? Well, sorta. It's time to root out the terrorists, and this time we need someone special...

SHOULD CLINTON RESIGN? Jim thinks he's SO SMART! He thinks he knows what Clinton should do about the impeachment. He thinks... he thinks THAT?! Hmm, interesting!

THE STARR REPORT on the CLINTON-LEWINSKY AFFAIR Jim takes the side of... of... well, of perspective.

DO WE OWE YOU A JOB? In this country you have no right to get hired, but once hired you have a right not to get fired. Sort of. Confusing? Let Jim clear things up for you.

THE END OF NUCLEAR TERROR Jim's found the ultimate defense against nuclear weapons, and it's ... a fax machine?

NEW PROJECTS FOR THE WARHAWKS Now that Communism's kaput, what's a conservative to do? Jim has thought up a nice activities list for them.

WE'RE STILL ADOLESCENTS But at least humans aren't mere toddlers anymore! There's hope we won't crash the car of history, though we still need a learner's permit.

IS JEFFERSON WICKED? He kept slaves (and slept with at least one of them). He annexed a gigantic chunk of Indian land. He believed in the supermacy of men over women. Should we praise Thomas Jefferson, or hang him? (Wait: he's already dead!)



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