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...Oh, all right, here are the Website ARTS essays. Enjoy! 


ZYDECO AT JAVA LANES: A SHORT HISTORY Jim Hull went dancing in a bowling alley! Hey, it could happen! Besides, Jim couldn't make a 2-3 spare from ten feet, so he might as well dance a lick instead. Here's his report...

TINKER ROADIE In case you were losing sleep wondering what Jim Hull does for a living -- Heaven knows Jim loses sleep over that topic -- here's a small sample of his work life AND a view behind the scenes with one of the coolest bands around...  

WHAT'S WRONG WITH 'EPISODE I'? Jim got in line early, saw the latest "Star Wars" movie and ... WAAAAHHH! ... he was disappointed!

ALL-TIME BEST MOVIE QUOTES (MOST POPULAR PAGE ON THE JIM HULL WEBSITE!!) What are the greatest movie lines of all time? Well, there was that line around the block for "Star Wars," and-- NOT THAT kind of line! Famous dialog, famous sayings from films! Oh, well, in that case: Jim's got a little list... 

A LITTLE OFFSTAGE ADVENTURE Performing is all spotlights and glamor and applause, right? ... Are you kidding ?! So much other stuff is involved, there's almost no time for the show itself. And sometimes the real work happens after the show's over.

TITANIC The most costly movie ever made may become the biggest boffo ever released. Why? Jim sails into the controversy and sinks down into the debate with his own cheerfully arrogant opinions. Full steam ahead!

HOLLYWOOD MATTERS Jim gets his fifteen minutes of fame as an extra on a TV sitcom. Tag along as he performs under the lights for a "Family Matters" TV audience, learns how to wallah, and compares eyelash lengths with Steve Urkel.

DOO DAH Something very weird happens every year in Pasadena, and Jim - aficionado of weirdness that he is - took part. It's the Doo Dah Parade! Put on your walking shoes and your goofiest outfit, and let's march!

HEINLEIN, VERHOEVEN, AND THE FASCISTS It's big, it's bold, it's brash, it's in super-vision and hyper-sound, it's Starship Troopers. It's supposed to be a tribute to Robert Heinlein's original sci-fi novel, but does it really do him justice? The envelope, please...

WILL THE REAL BRAHMS PLEASE STAND UP? The author goes behind the scenes to watch an orchestra rehearse, then he chats with the conductor. (Showoff!)



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