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A guy is driving his new convertible slowly down a country lane, enjoying the scenery. He hears clucking, and looks down at the road to see a chicken trotting along beside him, staring up at him. Instinctively he speeds up, but the chicken keeps pace. The guy suddenly realizes that this chicken has THREE legs! Unnerved, he floors it, but the chicken - still clucking and staring - keeps up.

The guy's so busy watching the chicken that he almost misses the curve ahead. He brakes, skids on the shoulder gravel, and spins to a halt. The chicken passes him and runs up a hill. The guy jumps out of his car and chases the chicken as far as a fence, then stops, leaning on the fence, panting from exertion, and watches the chicken run up and over the hill.

Then the guy realizes he's not alone. A little way down the fence, leaning back against it from the other side, wearing overalls and a straw hat and chewing on a piece of grass, is a middle-aged farmer.

"'Scuse me," says the guy, "did you see that chicken? I'd swear it had three legs!"

"Yep, Ah know," says the farmer. "It's one of mine."

"One of yours!?" exclaims the guy. "How on earth did you--"

"Well," the farmer chuckles, "It was jes' one a those things. Ya see, me an' the missus an' Junior, we'd set down to chicken dinner and get to arguin' about who gets the drumsticks. So I decided to breed me a three-legged chicken. An' danged if I didn't."

The guy shakes his head in amazement. "Incredible. So... how do they taste?"

"Dunno," says the farmer. "Cain't catch 'em."


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