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By now nearly everyone in the known world has heard of Harry Potter. His adventures at the school for magic, Hogwarts, have been lovingly chronicled by J.K. Rowling, and each new installment is gobbled up by avid children of all ages.

What most people don't know, however, is that Harry's adult life has also been written down. The authors are unknown, but diligent research has unearthed several titles, listed below. (There may be more; the hunt is ongoing.) Be warned: some of these books appear to have adult content and may not be suitable for younger children!


--Harry Potter and the Job Testing Broomsticks

--Harry Potter Accidently Destroys the Broomstick Factory

--Harry Potter's Adventures on Public Relief

--Harry Potter and His Real Father, Voldemort

--Harry Potter's Broomstick Is Bi-Polar

--Harry Potter Gets Sued by Harvey Porter*

--Harry Potter Gets Potted

--Harry Potter Can't Find Platform 9 3/4

--Harry Potter Tries Hallucinogens

--Harry Potter and the Spiders from Mars

--Harry Potter and the Rough Trade

--Harry Potter and Professor Snape Go Dancing

--Harry Potter and the Magic Handcuffs

--Harry Potter Teaches Quidditch

--Harry Potter Accidentally Kills the Team

--Harry Potter, Store Clerk

--Harry Potter and the Mortician's Son

--Harry Potter Goes to Vegas

--Harry Potter Marries Hermione AND Ron

--Harry Potter and the Invisibility Cloak in the Dressing Rooms

--Harry Potter and the IRS Investigation

--Harry Potter and the Naked Centaur

--Harry Potter Gets a Job at Hogwarts

--Harry Potter Rebuilds Hogwarts from the Rubble

--Harry Potter and the Contractor's Son

--Harry Potter's Adventures in West Hollywood

--Harry Potter Has a Sex Change

--Harriette Potter Changes Back

--Harry Potter Tries Satanism

--Harry Potter Gets Burned at the Stake


If you learn of other titles -- one source claims the most recent books in the series are about 'Crispy' Potter, while another insists the new titles concern 'Burnie' Potter -- please let this reporter know and he may add them to the list.

*"His life and name are thinly disguised imitations of my own." Harvey Porter


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